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LOOK AT ME NOW FITNESS offers customized food, fitness, and nutrition coaching. We specialize in developing total life solutions integrating fitness, clean nutrition, goal setting, and most importantly behavioral modifications. Our plans are easy to follow, designed to fit into your lifestyle, applicable for a lifetime, provide accountability, and most importantly get the results you desire.

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What We Do With You

We provide customized nutrition and workout plans that suit your goals. These plans are designed according to the information you provide in your client questionnaire, specifically addressing the goals you would like to achieve with particular attention to your lifestyle, occupation and work schedule, activity and fitness level, and your nutritional requirements and food preferences. Below is a breakdown of how our services map out. We specialize in the following:

Food coaching and accountability100%
Workout program development100%
Motivation tips and tools100%
Metabolic and high intensity training100%
Marathon and Ultra Endurance training and programming – running, mountain biking, and cycling100%